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Every single one of you, in terms of motivation fits in one of those groups. Sure, you can be both but you tend to be more of one than the other. To know which one you are in, just ask yourself ‘why do I go out?’.

OK, soundtrack:

Gamers will answer something like: I want to practise my routines and moves, I want to get better reactions. Maybe they say it in a subtler way, something like: ‘I want to improve my game’ ‘I want to make it consistent’ ‘I want to learn natural game’ and so on and so forth. There are some guys who actually have these goals when they go out but they don’t give a fuck, literally, if they achieve them or not. They set these goals because they like the game and want to stay motivated, but for most of you reading that is a sign of being a gamer.

OTOH, players love the game, simply. Not the moves, the logistics, the girls, the results… they just love the chase. Players (aka sexworthy men) are closers and have learned that the fun is in the chase. They don’t practise their game, they just play it. They don’t give a shit if they fail sometimes, they are men and take all the responsibility for their reality.

Gamers have game, these are the guys that you see who almost never get rejected and made the groups laugh, they may get a flakey number.

Players are those guys that sometimes you will laugh at how many times they get rejected, with this guys girls can’t play their games, this guys are the epitome of authenticity. They go hard with their intent, they rely on themselves, they may get rejected but that’s nothing for them. With players, when it’s on… it’s fucking on.

Gamers can turn a woman on emotionally, maybe they can manipulate a woman to game them, hoping that she will escalate, extract and jump on their dicks.

Players love the action, you just can’t control them. When a woman chooses to involve with a guy like this she can relax because she knows he’s taking the responsibility for him and her getting laid.

Gamers analyse every set and measure their results to see how they can improve their game, they think about interactions (A LOT). They put tons of energy on learning, forgetting why this is called a game.

Players usually don’t have to think about sets. This champ gets blown out and a second later you see him clawing a girl, smiling almost arrogantly. They don’t try to learn, they just play the game while they learn trough experience, joining the dots unconsciously, they know things intuitively. They understands the principle of consistency, not perfection. A player doesn’t mind if he gets blown 20 times in a row the same night, this changes nothing and he is still a high value guy, he know that he only needs one set to hook to get laid.

Gamers work a lot on their game, so much that they think this is enough.

Players pass the gaming part and start at the closing part. In the first seconds of the interaction he either gets blown out or he’s making out with the girl (or another hardcore form of escalation).

The internal value of a gamer depends on the quality of their game that night.

The player measures his success by his ability to close the deal, he does what he wants when he wants, he has his own rhythm. This guy understands that at the beginning of the night every man starts equal, that to quote the amazing Kimball “the difference comes not from ‘being good with girls,’ but from your ability to take responsibility for what happens around you”, that he actually wins for taking action.

You will see the gamer dude thinking about their next approach or what’s worst: thinking about their past approaches. He plays to not loose.

You will see the player playing, he wants to have the ball and go. This guys plays to win.

The first guy is so inside his head he doesn’t have fun and has to fake smiles and state. He may try to get instate to get attraction.

With the second nothing is fake, he’s 100% real and congruent, he has fun. He gets in state by playing the game, his state is unbreakable.

The gamer dood gets cool reactions, the player gets laid.

One is impression mode, the other is only expressing himself, his intent and core, he’s being the music. He goes out only for himself, he’s the star of the show.

Part Two of the Article: The “INSERT COIN” Phenomenon.

After some months of succesfull player nights in a row, getting insta make-outs everywhere which (at that time) for me was mind blowing and I felt like the pimp of da world. Ego trap came after, and that was the beggining of the Project Venom, which I hope you know about. Although I started taking responsibility, I fell in the gamer category, I started to work in my game. While before I was succesful with no game at all, now I was working on my game, no girl and very little successes.

Which made me change from one thing to the other? The real difference between gamers and players, the root was that as the great jlaix say in the Jeffy Show, the different comes from the meanings and bearings you choose.

As you may notice, the last two blog posts I made were about ‘enjoying’ and ‘passion’. That is, positive things. I think that the two most powerful tools in life for changing and creating anything are focus and linking instant positive feelings to something.

I might make a blog on this two things someday, although a lot of motivational authors talk about it in one way or another. I’ll just say something briefly.

1. You get what you focus on aka ‘the Law of Attraction’, although that seems very hairy fairy.
2. Even if you know something is going to cause you problems on the long-term you will do it if you know that provides you instant pleasure, and you will need a lot of will power to avoid doing it.

When I started doing approaches again through a lot of will power, not for fun at all, one of my best female friends made a joke. She said: “INSERT COIN pirirí 1, 2, 3, avance” (you know I’m Spanish so…). At first I didn’t realize that she could center myself in field with this.

I started thinking ‘I should link positive feelings with the most important thing, with what I have to implement. For me the most important thing at the momment was, and still is, taking responsibility for me an the girl getting laid. So I started to link fun to action. And the phrase came to me, I’m sure I read it here: THE FUN IS IN THE CHASE. A lot of people here are having trouble with being the prize and all that stuff. I’ll repeat it: THE FUN IS IN THE CHASE. Those words could change your life, don’t worry you will be chased when you have true abundance, but true abundance is constructed through action. Don’t act prize and cocky, just be authentic.

She kept doing this everytime I did this. Getting hugely blown out by turbos was again fun, thank you darling. Now, me and my friends go out to INSERT COIN. We maid the shift and have linked positive feelings and fun to the game and chasing girls. We are now, officialy players.

Do you wanna help me extend the INSERT COIN PHENOMENON world wide and join the Insert Coin Club. The rules are clear:

1. Shout INSERT COIN! and make as if you were inserting the coin on the girl.
2. Claw the girl.
3. Rapid kino escalation.
4. Have fun with it.
5. Repeat until getting laid.


Today’s talk is about a pretty abstract thing. I’m describing a special type of state, a state I found is the best for me. Yeah, I know, you are thinking “awesome, if I have that state girls will jump on my dick”. FORGET THAT, I want you to be selfish and really focus on what you want and in how you wanna feel.

What is your dream?

Close your eyes, really focus on it until you find something that really moves you. It’s not a goal, it’s just a dream.

If your reasons for having that dream are not 100% selfish they don’t count. When I say selfish I mean that just by thinking of it it fulfills you, it gives you a sense of deep happiness and power and you fucking love DOING IT, working towards it. Not getting it, but walking the path.

Tim recent posts on being your hero and his living plan are a perfect example of it.

Have you found your dream? Does it make every fuckin’ cell of your body feel alive and it deeply moves you. Is that dream for you?

The Energy Frequency

Hopefully you’ve just had a glance of the state I’m talking about. That inner feeling, how does it feel? I bet it feels awesome.

I believe there’s a sort of subcommunication channel that is based on energy, your states communicates instantly about you more than you think. This level of communication is a direct product of the way you live your life. Yeah, you can feel awesome sometimes and it has nothing to do with your life, or you can be sad sometimes. But it’s mostly a by product of that.

Come back to remember, or relive, the feeling. Imagine how your life would be if you felt like that 24/7.

I was going to say what prevents that feeling but there’s a lot of ego talk out there and I have nothing more to say. Check out PON (The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle) for more. Ego is what prevents it, but what about what creates it? YOU. Yes, you created it a while ago, it was you. Now you know you have the power.


How do you feel about the idea of having 100% responsibility of something? Does it feel painful? Change it, because that means 100% of power and control. Learn to attain good instant feelings to responsibility.

If you want this state consistently you must take all the responsibility, he he, good times ahead.

I like to call this state THE PASSION OF LIFE, because it’s the same as living fully alive and it’s like having passion. Others call it self-esteem. It’s natural and it will be there every time you need it. In fact, there’s no reason not to feel like that 24/7.

Imagine if you applied this state to your career, relationships, training, finances, everything in your life. I guarantee that you can do really magic with it, it’s the state where everything in this life that is beautiful comes from.


Enough talk, it’s time for some action. Start small, but start today. Immerse yourself again into your dream, do one thing, just one thing. You’ll want to do a lot, stop yourself and do just one thing today. Do little and learn to love it, the most important thing is not to attain anything negative to it.

While you are doing the action feel the dream and get excited.

In a few weeks you’ll be consistent and you will feel really fucking good.

Tell me how it goes for you and good luck with your self-actualization.

I wanna add my little piece of value to this awesome Nation we have here. I want to talk about a trait that every natural I’ve seen has. This is the mindset I implemented this last weeks, and it’s the direct infield result of my Flawless Natural Living Plan.

I’m not an instructor and the RSD stuff are the real deal at teaching this stuff, I just want to share my OWN experiences.

I also have found that you don’t need to enjoy to get laid, if you are in a bad mood but you are used to go through the motions and have the confidence enough to push through it you still can get away with it. As they say, the strongest reality wins. But now that we are on the game, why don’t we make it fun from the start.

Let’s get to it.

Enjoying and the full natural way

See this? Tim talked in the FN program about this, about the “this is for me” phenomenon. He says that you should allow that purpose to fuel your approaches. I say, why don’t you use it to use fuel you from the open to the lay?

I can’t explain why but this mindset works for me, and I’m sure it will work for you. Basically, you should allow yourself to enjoy the girl in front of you, and every girl you see. Filling yourself up with the feminine energy around you.

I call this “the full natural way”. Think about the classic natural, the real deal, not the jerk that gets laid. I’m talking about the natural that girls close. He is getting laid consistently, he has abundance of women on his life, he’s sure of himself and carry himself like the star of the show. And more importantly, he doesn’t have to think to do this things, he can concentrate on his passions.

As he doesn’t need to think, he allows himself to enjoy the girl he’s with. This makes him moves things toward sex UNCONSCIOUSLY.

(From Spanish TV, don’t they look sexy?)

Not gaming

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about another style of game. I’m talking about not game itself. Think about it. Amazing man meets amazing woman, things just lead toward the close. If this wasn’t like that, we wouldn’t survive as a species.

So if things are like that, and I really believe they are, this headspace is veeery, and I mean VERY, simple. Remember the Natural we talked about? We’ll just call him Dan for this time. (His real name is Iván, but don’t tell anyone) Now, seriously…

What is Dan’s RAS centered on? When he’s paying attention to the girl (because he is not like that all the time, but that’s for another occasion, although I’ll make a point later), he does it strongly. He EXPERIENCES her, her lips, tits, hips, body curves, hair, amazing scent, the way she dressed FOR HIM, her smile, the way she behaves, her vibe… You get the fucking picture. He’s imagining her naked on his bed, and imagining how he would love to nail her from behind. And he has this inner knowing smile as this happens, he doesn’t have time to doubt himself. He is, what you would call, NIMBUSING.

The girl, obviously is already wet because this awesome, cool guy likes her for who she is and they have this fun between the two. And more importantly this guy is presenting himself, no routines, no game moves, things just happen. Full natural way.

As Dan enjoys the girl he would move things forward and do the right things because he has this purpose and intent behind. He has the true DEEP MOTIVATION.

For the “Awaken the Giant Within” guys, do you see where the pleasure and pain are? He sees no pain in this, only the instant pleasure.

Eliminating the internal barriers to access this full natural mindset. What is preventing you from massive and stupidly easy success?

Do a little imagination exercise. Do you know what your blueprint girl looks like? Picture her on your mind. Imagine you in a club, you see her, you start enjoying her. You approach her to enjoy her more. You enjoy her all the time and things are moving towards sex because you are the man. Look at yourself, do you imagine what your face would look like? Now, if you want imagine you and her having sex. Do this on your own risk, lol.

Why can’t we be like this all the time? You are the measure of your balls. To be like this all the time, you need to ultimately trust yourself and be your hero. Live up to your standards. There’s plenty of posts about this so I won’t extend. But remember, in the way you do anything, you do everything, as Manwhore said.

Remember the purpose of going out.

Why do you go out? Answer, quickly, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I can guess a list of things you are thinking:

* For improving in/getting handled this area of my life.
* To show everyone how cool I think I am.
* If I fuck consistently a lot of 10s I would feel complete.
* I NEED to demonstrate my own value.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with those things, but if any of those things or any similar are your first motivation for going out you are missing the point to the sexworthy zone. And I want you here.

Anything that isn’t to ENJOY/HAVE FUN is totally wrong.

Repeat after me: Going out is meant to be fun. Write it where you can see it.

Your work ends, are you thinking I’ll go out so I can “game” and stop being a chode? No, flip the script. You go out because you want to chill and have some motherfucking fun, you’ve worked enough.

Having this mindset is a prerequisite for allowing yourself to enjoy.

This solves the screening/not judging issue

Recently, there have been some discussions in the forum about this whole thing. “How can I screen her and at the same time not judge her?”

When you allow yourself to fully enjoy, you become a natural screener. You are just that type of guy. HOW?

When your priority is enjoying you screen for what YOU really enjoy, based in your values. You just can’t focus on girls you don’t enjoy or in bad situations, you just automatically MOVE ON. Because your priority is to ENJOY, that’s why you went out of your house. Girls have to fit into your “enjoying pattern” to get your attention, they have to game you.

Do you judge her for not being the way you like? Fuck no, you don’t have time for that. Your priority is enjoying.

When I refer to your priority, I mean that you choose it EVERY FUCKING TIME on a moment by moment basis.

This is positively screening, you screen from a love for women foundation. This puts you in the have fun and in the “game” headspace at the same time.


Unknown girls start dancing for me because I’m just there watching and enjoying them.
Stop talking because I’m enjoying the girl and the girl starts talking and gaming me.
Girls DTFing me everywhere because I just project that energy.
Girls coming for more and escalating on me.
Friends helping me with the girl.

The mission

If you want to give this thing a chance. Do me a favour, try it for only ONE night, but do it 100%.

Go out one night with this mindset and report back (don’t think on the report, just in enjoying hehe).

I’m so excited for you.

P.S. Feel free to ask anything.

Note: this are some articles I wrote on the RSDNation (

Because you might as well be dead. Seriously, if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level” The Man, Bruce Lee

This is something that life and my chemistry huge titted teacher taught me:

You know more than you think you know.

You are capable of more than you think.

You are greater, you are more exceptional you are. But you are still just another human, specifically a man.

That’s your beauty. You, as a man, can do things you now can’t even imagine. As humans we have an incredible power to transform the world, we are based on that.

Take a few minutes for the greatness of mankind and dream awake. Dream about things you think you can’t do. I know, and you too, that you will dream about something that really moves you. Don’t deny your power. Dream big and amazing things will happen. Just make sure it’s something that you love and not an ego-based “purpose”.

IP’s tip for life #1: Do what you love, don’t do what you hate, do what you love.

You, my self-actualized reader, will look at the world and see how people “walk through life in a walking daze”, but you will still them as humans, just the same as you. Because life has threw to you a lot of hits and now you know that all you are is a human being, that has a power whenever he wants (just like everyone) and that you are no better, no worse for using it or not.

You are living in abundance, you are growing in self-esteem. So you may as well use it, because you love yourself, even more than you love other people.

We all doubt, we have insecure times, is an emotion, and a good one. All of your emotions have a mission, are part of your body, learn to use them.

There are no chode feelings, only chode decisions and behaviours. Next time you feel that uncertainty EMBRACE IT, LOVE IT. It’s your dayly bread in the self-actualization path.

Instead of going to the forum and posting a “how to…” question…

IP’s tip for life #2: Put yourself on auto-pilot mode.

Say to yourself: “Fuck it, I’l figure it out.” And fucking mean it. Believe it or not you will solve that thing you think you can’t. You just gotta start somewhere, you’ll get what you need along the way.

If you think this isn’t true. Start small (which is better for forming habits and internalizing things) and go to more big things. You will develop a very beautiful pattern in yourself. When you are used to take action, do things, handle whatever life throws at you and shaping the world you trust yourself. And that, as long as you are the one that measures your balls, is very interesting, I think.

Which leads me to…

IP’s tip for life #3: Things are not really that big of a deal, don’t treat them like that. Don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously.

Those things that you worry about instantly after you wake up or even worse, those that don’t let you fall asleep, you know what I mean are not really that important. In hours, days, weeks, months, years… you’ll laugh at them and at how silly you were. Now, don’t take me wrong, you can be sad sometimes. It’s emotionally healthy. But sadness it’s not the same as being worried.

As Ecky sais, “there are only things and the space where things are in this world”, nothing else and nothing more.

IP’s tip for life #4: Paradoxes are good, is in not-knowing where your real power lies.

I really don’t know what to say about that, it really talks for itself. Which I think is good, I love simplicity.

Well, this is long enough. I don’t know WTF just happened, I just started writing, out of impulse. This is not my stuff, at all, just my way of putting it. Last year I learnt a lot of things and just felt like sharing them to that who wants to read.

This was certainly the longest text I’ve ever written in English. And after reading it, and realizing that I’m listening Coldplay right now, I think I’m transforming into a Spanish PoP or something like that. A PoS, lmfao.

Anyways, this is the best I can put what game is for me. Like the bad-ass John~ said me once Life is Game and Game is Life. Now drop for a brief moment all the mental clutter you carry around and all the labels you have about yourself and look at you. Really look at you, just be for a moment. As long as you are a human, you have an amazing power and you can do huge things. The thing is, are you willing to throw the comfort out and enter the land of uncertainty, to live on your edge? All I can do is encourage yourself, in the end you are the only one that can empower yourself. Ok, I’m going to bed. Now you are sexworthy. Enjoy it and play big.



3rd January, 2009